Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe Poison

Chapter 1 - Lost Parents - continued

After Joe hung up the phone it took about ten minutes for a policeman to show up. Joe ran out to meet him when he saw the patrol car. But the helpful policeman Joe had expected was not helpful at all.

With an annoyed voice the police officer told Joe, "If you ever want to see your parents again you must travel to the other side of the world."

Confused, thinking he must have misheard the officer, Joe said, "But I'm only ten. I can't cross the world!"

Even more irritated and with no sympathy for Joe's situation the policeman replied,"I know you are only ten but this is the only way!"

Wondering what this was all about and why, Joe shrugged his shoulders in defeat and said, "Okay".

Without another word the officer drove away leaving Joe standing alone with no direction or further information to assist him on his quest to find his parents.

Joe returned to the living room of his house thinking about supplies he might need for his journey. He went to the kitchen after feeling the rumble in his stomach that reminded him he hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Joe pulled out some frozen pancakes the freezer. Sighing as he took each syrup covered bite, he thought of the impossible trip that lay ahead.

To be continued...

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