Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi guys.
This is Joe's mom and I am going to *try* to announce the winner of the Lego contest. We don't have our regular computer so I don't have the name of the winner but I believe his name is Jonah.
So, Jonah - if you could email your addy for your prize to me here I will get your trophy ordered.

Congrats Jonah! We would email you but your info is on our other computer. The one on the moving truck.

I am really sorry about the delay on this. We had a two week notice to move (military) and have been struggling to get everything in order since. We should be back up and running by the first or second week of July but until then it will be hit and miss with computer time. Again, I apologize.

For everybody else, Joe says hello and he misses blogging. He will get back in touch very soon!