Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe Poison

Chapter 1 - Lost Parents - continued...

There was no question in Joe's mind that he would be embarking on this journey, though it flustered him that he wasn't given directions.
As Joe moved through the kitchen gathering supplies he thought about the trip ahead and which direction to go. After much speculation he decided to go through Temes, the desert. It was just a gut feeling.
Joe set off towards the Temes Desert just past the small town of Naro, where he had lived with his parents before they vanished. As he began travelling Joe wondered if he would ever see Naro again. He thought about the strange way his mom and dad disappeared as the sun beat down on him hotter and hotter with each step.
It seemed to Joe that time was going by unusually fast. His normal paced walk slowed until he collapsed into peaceful and restful, though short sleep.
After only two hours of slumber Joe woke startled by his new surroundings. While the desert lay behind him there was a change in in what was in front of him. It was a wall of water appearing to rise from the sandy desert floor, like an upside down waterfall.
Joe's normal life was about to change forever.

Chapter two is next - stay tuned.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe Poison

Chapter 1 - Lost Parents - continued

After Joe hung up the phone it took about ten minutes for a policeman to show up. Joe ran out to meet him when he saw the patrol car. But the helpful policeman Joe had expected was not helpful at all.

With an annoyed voice the police officer told Joe, "If you ever want to see your parents again you must travel to the other side of the world."

Confused, thinking he must have misheard the officer, Joe said, "But I'm only ten. I can't cross the world!"

Even more irritated and with no sympathy for Joe's situation the policeman replied,"I know you are only ten but this is the only way!"

Wondering what this was all about and why, Joe shrugged his shoulders in defeat and said, "Okay".

Without another word the officer drove away leaving Joe standing alone with no direction or further information to assist him on his quest to find his parents.

Joe returned to the living room of his house thinking about supplies he might need for his journey. He went to the kitchen after feeling the rumble in his stomach that reminded him he hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Joe pulled out some frozen pancakes the freezer. Sighing as he took each syrup covered bite, he thought of the impossible trip that lay ahead.

To be continued...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Joe Poison

Chapter 1 - Lost Parents

"Ring, ring"
Joe woke up to the sound of an alarm clock, confused because he was sure he set his alarm
for 7:00 not 4:00.

The sound of something breaking down stairs made Joe curious and he decided to get up and
go see what was going on.

At the bottom of the stairs he noticed that his mom's favorite vases were broken.
"Mom? Dad?" Joe called out while searching the house for them.
"Mom! Dad!" Joe's cries became louder and louder as he went from room to room.
It was not long before Joe realized that his parents were missing.

Joe reached for the phone and called 911.
"911 what is your emergency"
"My parents are missing"Joe said, worried.
"Joe, We already know".
"Oh, okay." Joe said, Confused by how they knew his name and that his parents were gone.

To be continued...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi, I know I've have not blogged in a long time but now I'm back. We moved from Washington to Florida and it took a LONG time but we like it here. It's hot in Florida and there are lots of cool bugs like BIG grass hoppers and BIG wasps. Well thats it for now. Bye.