Thursday, December 6, 2007


Hi, it's Joe.
Do you like LEGOS? If you do go to Mantisology. We are having a LEGO CHALLENGE. We have already had our first LEGO challenge, now we are having a LEGO CHALLENGE 2. Last time you had to build a LEGO volcano now you need to build a LEGO T-REX. They can be Mega Blocks or LEGOS. That's going to be a challenge. You have to be older then 1 year old. Lets see if you will win. There will be a small, engraved trophy for the winner! Bye

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my family

Hi, it's Joe. I also own Mantisology. My mom owns Our Blessed Arrows. My sister owns Blessed Puppy Dog her puppy's Blog, Kaitlynology, that's her main Blog, and Read it, Review it her book review Blog. The other four do not have a blog. There's a 7 year old boy named Gabe, a 4 year old boy named Matthew, a 2 year old named Ben, and a 7 month old named Sam. We are Christians and we are home schooled. I am 9, and my only sister is 12,almost 13. My mom is 32 and my dad is 30. My dad has been remodeling the bath room. He is doing good. Well bye!